3-Brush Power Scrubber Drill Brush Attachment Kit

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About this item

  • Material: Nylon
  • Drill scrubber attachment set for cleaning
  • Compatible with any household cordless drill
  • Can do tough, challenging, everyday cleaning jobs with ease
  • Works for cars, carpets, mats, tiles, pans, car seats, car wheels, etc
  • 3 pack drill brush attachment


Item description from the seller

A clean place is a safe place.

Yep, you know that very well. But looking at the dirt stains on the carpet, grime on the oven racks, and pet hairs all over, the only thing you can think of is ‘bye bye hands.’

Scrubbing by hand is such a pain!

It can lead to sore wrists, fingers and even an aching back. Not to mention the effort and time it takes for the auto detailing you yearn for. Still, you can never be sure whether those stubborn stains will disappear.

Now, however, there’s finally a solution to this age-old problem!

The power scrubber drill brush kit is a set of 3 professional-quality power nylon brushes that fit onto any cordless drill. The brush attachment for drill comes in handy to blast through tough, challenging, everyday cleaning jobs with ease!

What you’ll get:

  • Cleaning time cut in half: The fast-moving nylon brushes effectively clean all types of surfaces in half the time as before. All that with less effort and a much cleaner result. The nylon bristles of the brushes do not scratch the surfaces.
  • Restores the shine of the surfaces: Whether it is the grime on the grills, pots and pans, mud on the alloy wheel rims or marks on your boat, RV, motorcycle and car, the drill scrubber brush kit will restore them to their original shine.
  • Multipurpose scrubbing brush cleaner tool: Use the scrubber brush cleaning kit for carpet cleaning, car detailing, or renewing bike’s rims, toilet tiles and entrance mats.
  • Effectiveness with any cordless drill: This 3-piece brush drill attachment is designed to be used with all household cordless drills (not included) and features a quick change shaft on all three brushes.

1 Kit Includes:

3 Different Power Scrubber Drill Brush Attachments

* Drill Not Included


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