Macropad Macro Mechanical Keyboard RGB Mini Gaming Custom Programming Knob Keypads Red Switch 3 Keys For Photoshop


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  • Switches Hot swap: YES
  • Switches manufacturer: OUTEMU
  • Backlight Type: MULTICOLOR
  • Axis Body Brand: Outemu
  • Full Size keyboard: No
  • Package: Yes
  • Style: Multimedia,Gaming,Mini,For Laptop,for Tablet,Multifunctional Keyboard
  • Interface Type: USB
  • Operation Style: Mechanical
  • Language: English
  • Keyboard Standard: Mini Keyboard
  • Application: Desktop,Laptop,Tablet
  • Type: WIRED
  • Brand Name: ammtoo
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE

• Custom Programming :Macropad allows you to customize your keyboard’s functionality with its custom programming feature.


• RGB Backlighting :The keyboard features a multicolor backlight that adds a touch of style to your setup.


• Mechanical Operation :The mechanical operation of the keyboard ensures a responsive and accurate typing experience.


• Hot Swap Switches :The switches are hot swap, meaning you can easily replace them without soldering.


This is a mini keyboard with custom functions,Type-C to USB interface, no driver required, plug and play.Button customization, can be set according to your requirements.

This keyboard can also be used to achieve complex operations, and is a good helper for office, games, music, media.

you can set combination shortcut keys,the keyboard it has a storage function.

Quick input Up to 5 characters

Product data:easy to take with you.

Multifunction custom keyboard:Support hot swap,you can DIY the heyboard switch and keycaps at your will.

Good details

Two colors to choose:

Package list


1*usb data cable

User Manual:

Software download link:

If you want Use the Keyboard in Mac, Please Set in the Windows First:
can set all the key functions on the standard Windows computer. After setting it upon the Windows system, it can be used on systems that support the usb protocol such as Linux and Mac OS


Common troubleshooting:

Question 1: There is no response when the keyboard is connected to the computer, or the device is prompted abnormally.

Solution: Check whether the cable and interface have been connected, and re-plug; replace the USB on the computer

Plug the interface back in.

Question 2: After downloading the custom software, it cannot be opened.

Solution: Check whether the anti-virus software is blocking the operation, and set it as a trusted file.


If you don’t know how to download the software, please see here:

1.Software download link:

2,open the link ,and follow step:

3,remember to set it on windows computer.


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